I am trying to create responce file [i.e. setup.iss] to install setup.exe silently. Manual installation has around 5 dialogs which need user interaction to complete installation. I am using 'setup.exe -r' command and 'S:\Windows\Setup.iss' file is getting created in responce to that. But it seems that it does not have any responce information. following are it's contents,


[InstallShield Silent]


File=Response File

[File Transfer]





Could anyone please guide on what is going wrong?

Do we explicity need to set some option in InstallShield to be able to create setup.iss file?


Thank you!



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  • What application is this?
  • Independent from application you can try to record your response file with parameter /f1

    setup.exe /f1 "C:\Temp\response.iss"
  • Tthe command should be: setup.exe /r
    and when you do run this, it will place the setup.iss file in the c:\windows dir.
  • @mattski. sorry forgot /r to create response file and f1 to set the folder.
    setup.exe /r /f1"C:\Temp\response.iss"

  • when executing setup.exe -r in your command prompt, are you opening your cmd window by selecting "run as Adminstrator" ? I had the same issue with a software called DataStudio last week.
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