I am trying to do a silent install of the HP ScanJet N6350 software package.

i am having issues in deploying it silently and disable registration. I have used /s and i see two annoying dialogs. one says you need to conect scaner to computer and other the registration.

as per com[any policy i cannot unzip the exe. have anyone repackged it to deply silently?

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  • >as per com[any policy i cannot unzip the exe
    Move jobs or get that idiot policy changed. Only a fool would allow their name to be attached to "black box" packages. How will you look if that EXE overwrites - say - the Visual C++ runtime version that you have tested works with all of your core applications?

    Coming to the actual solution, once you've extracted the driver, is to build a driver-only package and elect to not prompt the user to plug in the device. The DifXApp Framework merge module abstracts all of that for you.
  • Good day friend, you can try using "-AppDeploy Repackager" and convert the HP installer for. MSI.

    Follow the link the installer https://www.kace.com/br/products/freetools/appdeploy-repackager
  • thanks much for all your comments
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