I'm setting up a maintenance queue for our school district.  The maintenance department had some rules set up in their old system where if a user selected a particular building, an email would go to that buildings principal for approval.  If it was approved, the ticket would go to the head of maintenance and they would assign it to the maintenance person.  Can this be done in Kace?  We have 7 buildings with different principals.

I created a label called ticket approvers and moved the principals into it, added it to the restrict approvers by label section and added it to the approvers_info layout.  Set it to require on close and kept it as hidden.  I also setup all mail settings just like our Technology Help Desk queue.  Isn't an email supposed to be generated to the approver or does that need a custom email rule?
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  • Check your queue rules, there is a system rule that will email approvers but you might not have it enabled.
  • Setting approvers is a manual process.  If the field is set to "hidden", then no approver will ever be assigned and no email will be sent via "email on events".  Currently only 1 approver can be set per ticket, but a workaround for multiple approvers can be done by utilizing a custom ticket rule.  Multiple approvers is a planned feature according to Kace User Voice https://kace.uservoice.com/forums/82699-k1000/suggestions/1571371-add-multiple-approvers-to-the-k100.  If you need this now and can't wait, you can contact Kace Professional Services to build the ticket rules for you, but keep in mind there would be a cost involved.

    Kace Professional Services email remoteconfig@kace.com
  • The system rule is on, so not sure why that didn't work. I'm just going to set up various custom ticket rules. We're only going to be using it for a year anyway.
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