We have Service Desk up and running (yay!) but I'm struggling with how to structure queues/users/groups. Our IT dept supports about 20 sites, and each site has two staff members that want to be able to view just their site's tickets (but not other sites). Can I do this all within one queue? I have a pretty granular AD group structure I could use to tag the users and tickets, but not seeing an intuitive way to structure it. The other alternative would be creating 20 different queues (yuck!). Any leads or insights would be appreciated!

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sounds like you need to take the same queue and just duplicate it and rename them per site.


Another option is to create a "pool" owner, like Service Level 1 (or the site name + tech) and have all those tickets be owned by that companies pool then the 2 staff members can VIEW BY > OWNER > Site name/tech.

Answered 07/31/2013 by: Wildwolfay
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  • Thanks for the response! Re: the Pool Owner, would that be a different acct they would need to log in with? I'm trying to keep things tied to their LDAP accounts as much as possible...
    • Not necessarily. All of our service level 1 tickets are owned by SERVICE LEVEL 1. The other tech and I log in AS OURSELF and i've made a custom view (and pushed it to him using an insert statement) that is a custom view of OWNER = SERVICE LEVEL 1 and the status that = open and the status' that = closed.

      so two custom views, OPEN OWNED BY SERVICE LEVEL 1 and CLOSED OWNED BY SERVICE LEVEL 1 and we both pull from that 'view' and the user sees it's assigned to SERVICE LEVEL 1
      • AH! Does the ticket stay owned by Service Level 1? I'd like to be able to change the owner so I know who's responsible for it. Thanks for thinking with me on this! :)
  • Yes it does, but I've set up Service Level 1's exchange account to forward it's emails to both me and the other technician. If you want to see who is working on it, their comments (as they are logged in as themselves) would be by them. Or they could always be trained to click the owners only button to say "hey I got this!"

    Or you could always make a custom field with a drop down of all your technicians (by making a single select with a query for all people with a particular label) and have the tech set his name in that custom field, but keep it hidden from the USER (or not).
  • I'm wondering about the ability to RESTRICT a view based on a ROLE. So if you are the "CH Tech Liaison", I could restrict your view to only View By...Submitter Label (for your site's staff). Maybe???
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