Does any one have any experience on setting up approvers on the service desk and what it covers or how it works?


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We use approvers for change control. We use two queues, a CAB Parent and CAB Child queue. How this works is, the relevant information is filled into the CAB parent. A process and ticket rule creates a child ticket for the approver and copies the field information from the parent to child tickets on save.

There are some questions you need to ask before setting up approvers:-
Are you allowing anyone to be an approver?
    If not you will need to put the approvers under a specific label then configure the queue to restrict the approvers to just that label

Does the process you are trying to establish require more than one approver?
    If Yes, you will need to create multiple queues. At present Kace does not allow multiple approvers on a single ticket. So a new process to generate multiple child tickets will be needed to generate multiple child tickets to be sent to each approver.

Answered 01/16/2015 by: Druis
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