It is brutally slow.  We're being told 3000 clients is on the high end of their scalability, because we use Smart Labels with wildcards, and run a few scripts every couple hours, that's a lot of the cause of our slowness.  Everything worked terrifically in 5.4.   Just as a warning, seriously consider if you need any of the features of 5.5 before upgrading at this point.

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  • We had some issues but the hotfixes cleared up those issues. Now with patching issues still to be resolved.
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I was frightened of this upgrade back when it was first coming out, and even made a question in regards to it, but not having that many clients meant my upgrade went smooooth.  No patches, no issues, no slowness.

Answered 10/22/2013 by: Wildwolfay
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We have finally gotten our instance to a usable state with support's assistance.  A lot of "little" issues piled into one big mess, essentially.  5.5 is definitely less efficient than 5.4 was, so I'd make sure any inefficiencies you have in 5.4 are resolved before upgrading.

Answered 10/31/2013 by: jhilton
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Have you had a chance to reach out to support?  I had some slow downs and other minor problems, they had about 5 patches they sent me.  Took 3-5 mins to apply everything without a reboot, it's working great with 6300 clients now.

Answered 10/17/2013 by: ddevore
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  • Thank you for responding. I installed 7 patches as part of the upgrade process, and I've been working with them 4 days this week on the slowness. They are making some changes directly to the database now and I'm hopeful when those are complete that things will improve. I've upgraded several times since we implemented Kace and it always really smooth for the most part, but something changed between 5.4 and 5.5 that really hampered our performance.
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FWIW... I performed the upgrade to 5.5 last week and applied all of the patches that KACE had available and have noticed zero issues. If anything I see performance improvements. 

Answered 10/22/2013 by: jparkins
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