Hi guys,

First post here. Be gentle. =P

I have just started playing with scripts to get software installed/uninstalled using the MSI wizard and I am finding it very hit and miss. What works for one bit of software doesn't for another and to add to that it only works once and never again on the same machine.

Using my machine as a testbed, I have been able to deploy and uninstall various bits of software, but only once.

E.g. I was able to deploy 7zip x64 as a test and then uninstall it fine. Now subsequent attempts to reinstall on the same machine are "succeeding" but are in actual fact not succeeding at all.

Then a different variation of the issue was where deployment of Adobe Flash Player "succeeded" but didn't work at all.

I have checked the run status logs to see what they reveal and as expected they dont show anything going wrong.

They do however reference a registry entry which doesn't exist, on my machine at least.

I have no HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Kace\ entry in my registry, which looks to be where Kace stores all its data on whats installed and whats not.

Please let me know if there is any info that I have left out that would be of use and I will do my best to provide it ASAP.

Thanks in advance.


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This doesn't answer your question per se, but I would strongly recommend using the Distribution > Managed Installations screen for handling software installs/uninstalls.  I've personally had more luck with these and they make tracking things much easier.


Answered 10/11/2012 by: jverbosk
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  • Thanks John. While waiting for this question to go live (i'm beand new to this community) I called Kace support who helped me find a workaround to my issue. They too recommended what you have suggested and showed me how to the whole process works. (i have been pretty much left to my own devices to figure out this thing.)
  • Trust me, we've all been there. Check these out and see if they might help:



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The HKLM\SOFTWARE\Dell\Kace\ entry is where the KUID (KACE unique identifier) is stored in the registry.  It might also be under this if you have a 64 bit system: HKLM\Software\WoW6432Node\Dell\KACE.

If you still don't have an entry for InstallID and MachineID, you might have a different issue.

For specifics on why the script is failing, please answer dugullett's questions.  You will also want to enable debug and look at the logs, specifically the runkbot.log file.


Answered 10/11/2012 by: jknox
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  • yeah, Kace support also showed me that this is the case for my system also but it didn't appear to be the solution to the problem.
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Can you list the steps your script is taking?




Answered 10/11/2012 by: dugullett
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  • Verify

    Verify that “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Kace\MSIWizard\3712!MSIConfigHash†is equal to “620184061â€.

    On Success



    Install “7-Zip 9.20 (x64 edition)†with arguments “$(KBOX_SYS_DIR)\msiexec.exe /qf /l* â€log.txt“ /i 7z920-x64.msi â€.
    Set “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Kace\MSIWizard\3712!MSIConfigHash†to “620184061â€.

    On Remediation Success

    Log “7-Zip 9.20 (x64 edition) installed with $(KBOX_SYS_DIR)\msiexec.exe /qf /l* â€log.txt“ /i 7z920-x64.msi †to “outputâ€.

    On Remediation Failure

    Log “7-Zip 9.20 (x64 edition) FAILED to install with $(KBOX_SYS_DIR)\msiexec.exe /qf /l* â€log.txt“ /i 7z920-x64.msi †to “outputâ€.
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Yeah so the Kace support guys helped me find a solution.


I have to create a manual Distribution in order for the un/install command to execute success fully, 100% of the time.

It worked fine first time this morning when trying to install. but uninstalling didn't work nor did reinstalling without a lot of fiddling.



Answered 10/11/2012 by: designworks
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