I had to tweak a Windows batch file in one of my online kscripts, and when I save it, the the batch dependency name changes (kacexxxx.bat). That has always happened to me, but I've always been able to go back and change the batch file name in the task and save it again. After that, the batch names match. Today, the dependency name changes every time I change the task batch name and save. Here is an example.

 Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
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  • what is the KACE version?
    • 6.3.113397.
      By the way, I noticed that the xml editor lists the correct dependency name. I haven't tested yet to see if it ignores the batch name in the task, but will in a bit.
  • I am trying to figure out how you know what to call the bat file. ex) kace2345.bat I see a lot of custom scripts that have .bat dependencies but don't see the link where the name comes from. I notice when I make a dependency and push that script to a pc, a unique folder is made in the kbot folder on the target pc. Is this similar?
    • I used to get the file name from right under the Dependencies section, but that doesn't appear to matter anymore. If you click "Edit XML" and look in the dependencies section, you can see the batch name and the path with the new folder name that gets created.
  • I find it by sending script and looking. I guess you could use $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR) instead of the long path C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\kbots_cache\packages\kbots\XXX
  • I see what you mean now. : ) thanks.
    • Excellent. Cheers.
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