Is there a way to launch application that installs under user profile, if that make sense. As far I know SCCM launch application using system context, but I have script which deletes registry under HKCU but that will not happen for user who launch it is it, so I`m wondering what was needed to do to launch application installation so it happens under user interface or something?

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You can delete the other user's HKCU keys from HKEY_USERS hive by reading their SID..

Answered 03/05/2013 by: jagadeish
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To answer your question directly: You can just set the run mode as "Run with user's right" and it will run in the logged on users security context.

I wouldn't do it like that. Create a script that changes all the user profiles on the system in one go, or use GPO preferences if you can.


Answered 03/05/2013 by: Ifan
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But is in it requires then admin rights to install application if it will run as user?

Answered 03/05/2013 by: lanselots
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  • Try rephrasing that, it's difficult to understand you.
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If the package you are deploying contains any advertised entry-points, e.g. an advertised shortcut, you can create a new user-level feature containing the registry deletion and then move the feature which contains the shortcut so that it becomes a child of the new feature. Thus, when the entry-point is used, self-healing is triggered.

If there are no advertised entry-points, use Active Setup.

See? The answer's still the same, even when you ask the same question using different words!

Answered 03/06/2013 by: VBScab
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What you aren't answering is when you goto SCCM Software Library --- > Packages ---> Select a package ---> Click Programs Tab----> Select Properties ---> Under the Environment ( Selecting to deploy only when user is logged on have two Run Mode, one is Run with User's Right, two is Run with Administrator rights.)

Now if you are making changes to Regedit with (HKCU) what setting should you select? Because user don't have rights to Regedit or make changes under Regedit.

Answered 03/30/2017 by: tony999
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