I am relatively new to SCCM 2007 and have a couple of questions.

I have noticed a number of duplicate computers and quite a few duplicate GUIDs. We are about to migrate our systems from XP to Windows 7. The computers will have the same computer name. What is the best procedure for clearing up these duplicates - can you just delete the computers prior to re-imaging. If so what are the consequences does deleting a computer cause any problems with SCCM. We are using Ghost to deploy the OS at the moment but will look into OSD via SCCM in the near future. We do not install the client on the image - but use SCCM to deploy it - as I know that this can cause duplicate GUIDs - not sure how we have so many. One reason could of been the fact that we might of renamed the computers while moving them to another room. This I believe can cause a duplicate GUID. However this would not account for them all?

Any help would be appreciated

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Best way is to remove the machine record if you are rebuilding a device or reinstalling the client and also set the rules to clean up old client data and obsolete clients on a pre-defined frequency.
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You can delete them but if you are doing AD discovery they will return until cleaned up in Active Directory.

If you reimage a machine or reinstall the client you will get a new Unique ID in sccm and in turn get a duplicate entry.  I find the best way is to remove it if you are rebuilding a device or reinstalling the client and also set your Rules (pending how long you would like) to clean up old client data and obsolete clients.

Answered 05/08/2012 by: GAKIS
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this might be an interesting article for you:


assuming of course you haven't already read that. Also, afaik, you CAN manually remove the duplicate entries without repercussions.

Answered 05/08/2012 by: pjgeutjens
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The duplicate IDs have always been a cause of concern. You need to follow 2 quick steps:

1. Set the option to automatically create new ID in case a duplicate has been detected.

2. Run maintainance on the database for cleaning up machine records with same IDs. You can also run a report of the workstations with duplicate IDs just track the situation.

Answered 05/09/2012 by: adilrathore
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  • Just to add to it from the process perspective, before reimaging a workstation the concerned engineer can drop a mail to the SCCM / AD admins to cleanup the records from their respective databases. This would make the data more reliable.
  • Silly question.... where is the option found listed in #1?
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Answered 05/09/2012 by: rodtrent
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Make sure you are cleaning up the computers in AD when reimaging. Also you can choose to either merge, block, or create new records when you find conflicting records. Here is a pretty good reference:


Answered 05/10/2012 by: psalwey
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