With wise package studio we can capture an exe installation and store all files relative to the wsi project folder and can compile the project file to msi from any machine.

But with adminstudio, the files are targetting to absolute path and I am changing manually each and every folder relative to the ism folder ro compile on different machine.

Anyone can suggest how to handle this absolute to relative path conversion
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Gahhh, this always gets me and I know what you mean. Super annoying.

I think you need to have all your project files in the InstallShield 2016 Projects folder. When the folder is moved to another computer, you just amend the Path Variables - pretty sure that will fix your problem.

I've never spent the time to look into this in more depth, but I know WPS used to do relative files nicely, haven't been able to replicate that in InstallShield as of yet.

Answered 02/16/2017 by: rileyz
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Within your Path Variables you should create a SampleSource reference. If you later move source files to a different directory then you just need to change the value in the Defined Value column. The next time you build the project, Installshield Editor acquires the files from that location. :)

Answered 02/17/2017 by: Maidens
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  • I am using it mainly for repackaging using Adminstudio.

    In our project we have license for Installshied but not for adminstudio.
    So to capture any exe we are using trail version of adminstudio and thought to move the ism file built from repackager to another machine where installshield license exists and build the ism to msi there.

    But as you told, if I need to change the mappings manually then I need to change many folders everytime and copy the relevant files also one by one accordingly.

    Can you suggest more feasible method like we have for WPS to convert in one go.
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