I saw a cool video on the KACE KKE archive below that shows how you can place and use file in  \\k1000\client to customize the look and feel of your KB articles and the logon page.  It is about 55 minutes in.  I am interested in customizing the logon page so being able to reference items like graphics and documents in \\k1000\client which does not require authentication works great, but only for internal users.

I exposed HTTP and HTTPS for the K1000 to the Internet so remote user can log tickets and access other feature so I need to reference the file locations by HTTP/HTTPS and not \\k1000.  Is there a way to reference these files here or anywhere on the K1000 without authentication?

I took a guess at http://k1000.mydomain.com/client/my.file but it does not work.  I know I can add a file to the KB and then reference that, but that requires a logon first and kind of defeats the purpose of my trying to post PDFs and videos with logon instructions when you have to login to get it.

http://www.kace.com/support/training/kke/archive?id=0826E46E-F6B2-4885-8AC3-500077BCAFA5&category=service desk&language=en

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