I have a problem with a property which value is not proper set during installation. Let me explain my installation package:
I have configured a CheckBox in the last dialog SetupCompleteSuccess. The show attribute is set by a property (Let's call it SHOW_CB). This property is set in a Property table and has default value 0. During installation I have several checks which in case of error set SHOW_CB to 1.

The installation proceed with GUI in this steps:
- first the main dialogs are shown (InstallWelcome,...)
- then the installation is passed from client process to server process to do an actual installation. The property SHOW_CB is passed by passing it through SecureCustomProperties. During server's actions SHOW_CB is set to 1 (because of simulated error).
- finishing: dialog SetupCompleteSuccess appears (procedure return back to client process). The CheckBox is not shown :-(

I implemented some log features - exposing property value in a label in a dialog to show what is going on. I was surprised: the value of SHOW_CB was 0 even that in a log file was a record that SHOW_CB's value was changed from 0 to 1. But that was in a server process.

Can anybody know how to use a property which value is changed in a server process and use its changed value again in a client process (on the last dialog exposed)?

Thanks in advance,
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Check custom actions, if any of them is associated with that property.


Answered 04/27/2012 by: er.hsingh
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