This is a need that seems obvious to me, but I've searched and can't seem to find it even mentioned anywhere. I find this strange, because it seems like it should be a common need.
I want to use process tickets for the creation of new user accounts. We have one admin who is in charge of setting up email accounts, another who is in charge of setting up VPN access, another who is in charge of setting up accounts on a database application, another who sets up phones, etc. 
The standard process allows for a child ticket to be created for each of these, so each admin gets their own ticket. Great. But not all users get an account on all systems. I don't want a child ticket created for a VPN access request for a user who doesn't need this. How can I make the creation of some child tickets optional?
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    Seriously, doesn't anyone have a process where there are some steps that sometimes but not always part of the process? How do you handle process tickets for such cases?
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