K1000 Systems Management Appliance

Version: 6.3.113397
 Model: K1100
 Serial Number: JD6QXQ1
 License Expiration: Never
 License usage/capacity: Managed Computers: 603/650, Monitored Servers: 0/5, Assets:

 Memory: 6144MB
 CPU: 2400 MHz
 Hard Drive Usage: 28.64 GB / 217.68 GB

We are a windows environment running Windows 7 Professional x86 desktops and laptops, with some

64bit, and Windows Server 2008R2 standard w/ Active Directory GPO's for policy deployment and


We have a subset of laptops for a specific use case that we want the devices to be locked down

for configuration control purposes.   A prior administrator set the GPO rules to enforce this

lock down.  We have been struggling to now un-enforce some of the rigidity that was in place

(i.e. nothing on the desktop besides the deployed app, no control panel, no search, no run, no

i.e. , etc.)

We have tried to push some new shortcuts to the desktop via GPO without much luck, and thought

we would try KACE's scripting utility, which we have not really used before.

We created a shortcut deployment script with the Scripting tool.... followed the instructions

in the help file under "Add Desktop Shortcuts scripts".  We created a smart label to limit the

device population it would deploy to (just one device to test).  It seems to run successfully,

but we do not get any icons on the desktop.

When we navigate manually to:


We can see that the shortcuts are built there and they function if you browse to them that way,

but we cannot get them to display on the actual end-user's desktop view.

Any thoughts on what we might be missing to undo the shortcut invisibility?

Thanks in advance as always for your assistance.

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  • Have you removed the group policy restrictions on the machine you are testing? Have you then tried repairing the apps concerned?
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