i am packaging vodafone 3g mobile broadband for silent deployment, the deployment has gone fine apart from i cant stop it creating a desktop shortcut using their setup_vmb.exe /s /v/qn wrapper command

I have created a vb script and a bat file which both work locally but when i run it through sccm it fails or doesnt work, i can go into the sccm cache and it will work fine if i run it from command prompt as admin.

my script basically uses xcopy.exe "%dp0\removeicon.vbs" "c:\programdata\srft\vodafone3g\" /y /e /s /i

cscript.exe "c:\programdata\srft\vodafone3g\removeicon.vbs"

any ideas would be greatly appreciated as this is getting the better of me!

this is my latest attempt to copy it down locally and run it with also fails!

i have tried running it from the cache using script that doesnt work either

my vb script just sets the shortcut to delete

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seeing the /s /v/qn commandline parameter: are you sure there's not an MSI installer being used by the installation exe? (I seem to remember there being one from packaging this awhile ago)

If you could use that directly it would be easy to remove any shortcuts

EDIT: the entry in the software library here seems to confirm my suspicion.

Answered 10/16/2012 by: pjgeutjens
Red Belt

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Concerning the multiple transforms and complex installation, have you tried turning on system wide Windows Installer logging, running the installer exe and analysing the msiexec logs in %temp% to get a view on how exactly the MSI's are being installed (parameters etc)?

Answered 10/18/2012 by: pjgeutjens
Red Belt

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Check the following location of the shortcut:

If location is C:\Users\Public\Desktop - should be able to delete via SCCM

If location is C:\Users\<UserName>\Desktop - try your script to run via ActiveSetup

Also, try to check the property Security tab of the shortcut. Then elevate privileged if needed before running the script to delete the shortcut.

Answered 10/18/2012 by: kenshin288
Senior Yellow Belt

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the /S switch passes parameters to an internal MSI.  I'd try to extract that and see if you can get that to install.  then a transform will remove your shortcuts and SCCM likes MSI installs way better.

Answered 10/16/2012 by: Arminius
Second Degree Green Belt

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the msi comes with 15 different predetermined mst.s

your right it does have an msi

but you can't use the msi directly as when you launch it you get the first screen with ID tags and not the installer which doesnt help.


it has a load of predetermined mst files which i cant use as i dont know what they do

so i have ran it silently and want to remove the desktop shortcut but cant remove it as above

i did try passing a createdshortcuts switch as part of the setup_vmb.exe /s /q/vn "createdshortcuts=0" but it still created the shortcut for the application



Answered 10/16/2012 by: keane2012
Brown Belt

  • I notice you pass a lowercase property on the commandline. This will not work since only uppercase (public) properties can be passed this way.
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I know this is a basic response, but have you tried a basic DEL command from a batch file to delete the shortcut file?

Answered 10/16/2012 by: sdnbtech1
Fourth Degree Green Belt

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i have and it fails

i also tried a basica del command in a bat file by copying the bat file down then running it from inside there locally

everything fails

if you have anything youd like to me try i am all ears i really am stuck

 ps i can run the file from where its been copied to and it will work

just through sccm it doesnt

Answered 10/16/2012 by: keane2012
Brown Belt

  • I'm stumped, sorry. :(
  • so was i, still am but managed to mst it to not installed a shortcut so got rid of it that way in end, what a nightmare!
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