I've noticed that when a PC has a user interactively logged on, that patching doesn't work correctly. The detect process fails with "error (Handshake Failed)". Not sure why, but if the computer is logged off then detect happens perfectly. Anyone elese having this issue?




Running 5.5

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  • I have downloaded run the hotfix, but no success. Still getting handshake failed error on many computers. I have tried copying handshake.lst and patchlinkwrapper.dll from a computer with successful patch to a computer giving handshake failed error. It has worked on some computers and on some, still giving handshare error
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There is a k1000 patch for version 5.4 that support can give you that should resolve this problem.  Submit a support ticket.

Answered 10/17/2013 by: jknox
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  • Thanks for this info, Jknox! I just ran patching last night to a whole department and got "error (handshake failed)" on all of the PCs in my patch schedule. I opened a ticket as soon as I discovered it. Hopefully they get back to me soon.
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Turned out to be a networking issue for me.  We had to move our replication share off our old fileserver to a new one.  Our new one only was connected to our production network and not our office network, so when trying to patch a desktop it couldn't connect to the folder share sitting on the production network.  Still, I had it set to fail back to the kace appliance which it didn't do, but maybe that only happens when the kace appliance can't connect to the replication share.

Anyway, maybe it's a networking issue.
Answered 08/06/2014 by: trevzilla
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Hey awingren, Did you get any info from KACE tech support.  I am facing a similar issue. I searched on KACE.com and found out the solution below:


Answered 02/05/2014 by: anirban14
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  • Have you applied this patch yet?

    • No, I have not. I will apply this patch and hopefully this should resolve it.
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Support suggested I apply the patch that dugullett linked:

I did that and retried patching to the department that all ended with "error (handshake failed)" and that seemed to help to a point.  I did still run into ~20 machines (out of 200ish) that got the handshake error.  I'm hoping that it'll just take one more patch detect/deploy to get them closer to 100%.  We will know more on our next patch day: 18 Feb.

Answered 02/06/2014 by: awingren
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