I need to install hotfixes to add NVMe support to support a new computer model running Windows 7, but I don't want those hotfixes on the other computer models that don't have NVMe.

I also want to maintain only 1 image.

When the WIM is pulled down from the K2000 in the preinstallation phase, is there a way I can use DISM to inject the hotfixes?

Or does anyone know if the NVMe hotfixes cause any harm on computers with no NVMe?
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I would be possible to set up something like the script below to select a specific model which the script to run and install the NVMe drivers. The one listed below is an example, so it would need to be updated to call the correct name of the file to install as mid-level before windows run's and configures the first time.

If the install is an image this will work fine, however if this is a scripted install of a Windows 7 then please see article https://support.software.dell.com/k2000-systems-deployment-appliance/kb/185551.



@echo off

for %%I in (Z W VU T S R Q P O N M L K J I H G F E D C) do (

if exist %%I:\WINDOWS set WINDOWS_DRIVE=%%I:


If %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% == x86 set archtype=x86

If %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% == AMD64 set archtype=x64

for /f "delims==" %%a in ('wmic csproduct get name^| find /c /i "7270"') do set /a machine=%%a

if %machine% geq 1 (

echo Running on a 7270 machine

DISM.exe /image:%WINDOWS_DRIVE%\ /Add-driver/driver:"Y:\drivers_postinstall\DLI\Windows_10_%archtype%\3420"/recurse /forceunsigned /logpath:%WINDOWS_DRIVE%\windows\dism.log

) else (

echo Not running on a 7270, exiting ...


Answered 08/01/2016 by: TheAustinDave
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  • Thanks the batchfile worked
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