I have software that I need to let the users know when it is being updated. If I dont and they reboot their machine it screws it up. Someone that used to do the job I do here made some .exe that would simply pop up a window with a message in it by calling it in a batch file. Any recommendations on making one of these .exes? I have visual studio but have zero experience with it. 

Thanks in advance.

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 I've used http://www.autoitscript.com/site/ in the past.


 $answer = MsgBox(49, "Reboot", "This software requires a reboot to finish. Click OK to reboot now")

If $answer = 2 Then
if $answer = 1 then Shutdown (6)

Answered 06/05/2012 by: dugullett
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Here's a vbsscript that will create a window, you just need to add a call to shutdown -r t -now() <- it's a windows function.

Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

intButton = WshShell.Popup ("Click a button to proceed.", 5, , 2 + 48)

select case intButton
  case -1
    strMessage = "You did not click any button within the 5 seconds allotted."
  case 3
    strMessage = "You clicked the Abort button."
  case 4
    strMessage = "You clicked the Retry button."
  case 5
    strMessage = "You clicked the Ignore button."
end select

WshShell.Popup strMessage, , , 64

Answered 06/05/2012 by: ms01ak
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