Hi all,

Is there a way to change the default fields in the K1000 notifications? I always get Asset Name, Type, Location, Department, Cost Center and User whether or not the asset type contains those fields.

I have tried editing the SQL and using a SQL script from a report that shows the same info but with the fields I want to view but I still get those same fields.  I know I can schedule a report but I like that the data is 'inline' with the notifications email.

Thank you!

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  • Which notification are you referring to?
    • It is the notification tab under assets. I have maintenance and subscription info as an asset and want to create a notification on the first of the month that lists subscriptions that expire within 60 days.
  • If you cannot do this via the notification, why not create a custom report to show you the same data. Schedule the report to run on the first of every month and tick the box "send only if results are present". That way you get to run the query and you will only get an email if a subscription will expire that month. It also gives you more flexibility in creating the report than you will get with a notification
  • I have that created now but the report is always an 'attachment'.
    Can you get the data 'inline' on the email like the notification is? That is desired by the managers who are getting these notifications.
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