Well, a WYSWIG would be ideal, but since that is not available I have been trying to get the markdown to work. The Knowledge Base articles keep having the Markdown ripped out. I will go through, add all of my Markdown, and if I open the article back up to edit something, the markdown I added is gone. For me to edit the article, I would need to enter all of the markdown in again. This has been problematic since I have been having issues with some of the markdown sticking. An example would be bullets will not register and will just display as * or whatever markdown I used.

It almost appears that I would have to edit all of my knowledge base articles in a separate editor and paste them back in every single time I need to make an edit or add new information. This is horrible in an environment where I am trying to foster user adoption of the knowledge base and KB contribution. Currently, I just don't know how I am going to even be able to make this work in my environment. All it takes is one person opening the KB and saving when closing and ripping out all of the markdown when they didn't even make an edit. 

Speaking of which, is there anyway to default to nonedit mode? The users in my environment will need to be able to read and edit KB articles, and they will likely view them more than edit. Opening a KB article only to have to reopen it with a link is very frustrating. Not only that it raises the possibility of the markdown to be removed.

Any help?
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  • I have also found this stripping out of the Markdown tags to be the case whenever the article is reopened. In the place of the tag there is a space [ ].

    In addition, some of the bulleting/listing seems to be finicky; I have even entered HTML list tags, which do get implemented in the finished article, but also get stripped in the editable version when it is opened again, so it is not just Markdown - specific.

    It seems, then, that the article are not being saved as plain text. Perhaps that could be adjusted in settings or with another tag? I can't imagine KB authors are all re-marking their articles every time.
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