I am using K1000 5.5.30275 and I have a custom inventory rule set up for my Macs:

FileInfoEquals(/System/Library/User Template/English.lproj/.bomgar-scc-cb/support.domain.edu/bomgar-cb-07yc30jfdsafdsafdsafdsafdsafdsafdsafdsafdsafdsa.dmg, modification_time, DATE, 05/29/2012 11:07:13)

If I put this .dmg in a directory without spaces and change the path in the rule to it, the inventory rule finds it. If I leave it in the User Template directory, it doesn't find it. I've tried quotes around the space, quotes around the full path, and escaping the space with a backslash. 

Has anyone ever got this a custom inventory item to work with spaces on Linux or Mac machines?
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  • I haven't used the FileInfoEquals but I do have a rule which uses FileExists and the path includes a space. I did not have to escape the space in the path. You might have found a bug that needs to be submitted to support.
  • I ended up just finding an alternative way to find this without the space. Carry on...
    • I agree with chucksteel, it might be something support needs to look into.
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