Hi, is possible add some predefined text for IT Techs to respond tickets on Kace 1000?
I like close all tickets with the same Text and I waste my time writing or coping paste the same text on every ticket.

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  • If you have a predefined text when closing a ticket, add it to the email that goes out to users when a ticket gets closed. Look at the specific queue at the rules for EmailOnClose. There's also the Customize Emails section in the Queue Config view that can help with that.
  • another idea would be to create a KB article you can select from the drop down that would add your text to the comments of the email and you can then save it.
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I tried this in my sandbox VK1000 and it works well if you use a ticket rule to to do this. 

First, create a ticket status called "Close - Whatever You Want" In my case i used "Close - Lost Computer" as this happens allot with my users halfway through support tickets.

Next, create a custom ticket rule using the wizard:

Hit next and make a rule that will close the ticket and append the message:

On the next page for Frequency hit "On Ticket Save." Also make a name for the rule:

Now on the ticket you need to close select the status you made associated with the rule:

Now the ticket will auto close with the canned resolution you made:


Hopefully this gets you in the right direction.
Answered 11/03/2014 by: k1000-chan
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  • Nice! Thinking outside the proverbial box.
  • In addition you can also append comments if you prefer, there is an option on the ticket rule page. I suppose it would also make more sense to use a custom drop-down field to populate the auto close selections to keep it neat.
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