I am creating a Windows 7 WIM file for deployment from our KBOX.  The last thing I am trying to figure out is how to set the computer name in KACE and bypass OOBE Sysprep process from prompting.  Should I add a in the Run Preinstallation Task a "Get Computer Name x64 (Prompt) tasks then in the Run Postinstallation Tasks have a "Set Computer Name (x64)"?  In my unattend.xml do I leave itthe tag blank?  

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Yes, leave the name section of your unattend.xml blank:  <ComputerName></ComputerName>

You are also correct about the placement of the tasks.

Answered 08/15/2013 by: nheyne
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  • Maybe I'm not reading the question right. Shouldn't the <ComputerName></ComputerName> be <ComputerName>*</ComputerName> to bypass the OOBE prompt? Wouldn't leaving it blank prompt still?
    • Both might work, we leave ours blank and it works. Without the tasks, blank will leave the name as is and * will give a randomized name.
  • I leave mine blank and it prompts my techs for the name in OOBE. Useful since 90% of the PC's that get imaged are new.
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I am still having issues with getting the name to apply.  The error I am receiving is right before windows loads, "Unable to open x:\BCXXXXXXXX, it may not exit.  Was GetComputerName.exe used as a preinstall task?  When I click okay it sits on a blank page.  My unattend file has <ComputerName>*<ComputerName> to bypass OOBE prompt.  

Here is my installation plan.  Does anyone see an issue?

Preinstallation Tasks

  • Create Two Partitions
  • Windows 7 format disk 
  • Get Computer Name x64 (Prompt) - Uses command "getcomputername_x64.exe /dialog"

PostInstallation Tasks

  • Set Computer Name (x64) - Uses command "setcomputername_x64.exe"
  • Windows 7 - Two Partition BCD Fix
  • Office install
  • KBOX Agent Install
Answered 08/15/2013 by: BBates
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  • Set computername should be a midlevel task.
  • Moving the Get Name from PreInstallation to Mid Level worked. Thanks for all the help.
    • Get name should be the first preinstall task (you had it after formatting, therefore no name existed on the workstation) and set name should be a mid level task.

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