Anyone have instruction or a process on getting started with software asset management and license compliance?  I'm not entirely sure how to get this started.


Also does each software asset allow you to add multiple license keys?

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  • Is this valid for version 6 - I followed the steps but the dashboard does not show the compliance
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Or view this YouTube Video. The channel kboxbykace has a lot of videos like this one that will give you a general overview of how to take on a certain task. Good Luck!


Answered 05/07/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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It's a 2 step process as far as making the graphs show under your home tab. First, you're going to create a Software asset for each Software Title you want to track compliance on. Do this by going to Asset> View By> Asset Type> Software then click "New Asset". This is where you can create an asset for a software title based on a software entry in your inventory. Note that the name doesn't have to be the same as it is in the Inventory module. Once you've created the Software Asset to your liking save it.


Next, you're going to create your License in the Asset module. You may have multiple license assets for 1 software title. If you have multiple license keys you would create a license asset for each different key. So far as tracking compliance per key you'd have to get into custom inventory rules and some more advanced SQL (more advanced than I know) to make it tell you how many machines are on one key versus another. What this will do is allow you to take one license for 25 machines and another license that is good for 75 machines and KACE will show that you have 100 licenses total.

Answered 05/07/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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  • Ok. Now what about the case with multiple versions of software. So I have Acrobat X Standard, but there are 4 different versions listed in software inventory. How do I tie all 4 to the one software asset?
  • I'm not sure if the video addresses this, but you could group these titles together using a Software Smart Label or even a Manual Label for the titles you want to lump together under 1 asset. I want to say both the Software Asset and the License Asset will take a software label.
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