There is an email generated by the default "Service Desk Email Notifications"  called "Comment Submitted." How can I add the name of the person who commented to the body of the notification email?  So in order for the customer or other tech to know who submitted the comment, the commenter will have to leave their name in the comment box or the person will need to log into the appliance to view the ticket..  

I searched the available variables in the admin guide but did not find anything that looked to fit the situation (I would expect to see something like $Last_Updater). 

For example, when a comment is submitted, parties will be notified with an email that has the following in the body:

Please reply above this line to add a comment  -+-+-
Comment Submitted.
This is my comment

We are on version  K1000 6.3.113397 of the appliance.   I am sure a custom ticket rule can be created, but I didn't have to want to do that because up until the last major release, the person who added the comment was notated in the email.  

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance,

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There is no variable for the comment creator. However, the Comment Submitted notification did not previously exist stand-alone, and comments were handled like any other change. So, the Ticket Modified notification would have been previously used (prior to 6.x).

The variable you want to use is $change_desc. This will give you the entire change description which includes the user who added the comment to the ticket.
Answered 06/22/2015 by: airwolf
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