My company is just moving into the Kace environment and I've been put into setting some rules on Kace.

I am sorta familiar with MySQL, but dont understand the naming convention for Kace.

I need to set a rule where a user cannot submit a ticket with  a category of (Select) and send an error if they do. I've tried the wizzard to set this rule but it does not work.
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  • Rules don't take place until after the ticket is saved so we can't prevent the user from opening the ticket.

    You can create a rule that would then close the ticket and send custom email that indicates they didn't select a category and to create a new ticket.
  • Can you make the category a required field?
    • You can make the category required but you can't have a category of blank as the default. So we currently have as please select... as a default category. But I'm trying to figure out if there is a wat to write a rule to check that if the category is equal to please select then I would prompt user to change that or to send them an email stating they have imputed an invalid category. I have the rule to email them if the category is the default but It still creates the ticket. I'm not sure how to close the ticket if it has the parameters of the default value. Like I said I'm new to MySQL and trying to figure out what are the public keys and what table interest with each other is probing to he difficult.

      The goal is to not have tickets opened of the category us set to 'please select...' that's my trouble.
  • Did you ever find a solution for this? Thanks
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