When trying to push the agent to client computers, I get to step 3 and get push script\provisioning-failed.  I can ping the kbox by name from the client so I know that DNS is working.  However, I can't seem to get past this error.  Any help is appreciated.



  [04/17/14 05:18:28 PM] Executing remote communications:

      Initializing RPC
      Connecting to ADMIN$
      Copying service file
      Disconnecting ADMIN$
      Connecting to IPC$


      Opening pipe to service
      Sending commands
      Sending login credentials
      process (//sgai-ks01.corp.zodiac.lan/client/agent_provisioning/windows_platform/agent_msi_provision.bat sgai-ks01.corp.zodiac.lan client ampagent-5.5.25198-x86.msi sgai-ks01.corp.zodiac.lan) could not be launched: 1008 An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist.
       (authenticated, but CreateProcessAsUser failed)process (//sgai-ks01.corp.zodiac.lan/client/agent_provisioning/windows_platform/agent_msi_provision.bat sgai-ks01.corp.zodiac.lan client ampagent-5.5.25198-x86.msi sgai-ks01.corp.zodiac.lan) could not be launched as LocalSystem: 2 The system cannot find the file specified.
      Removing service (Exit code: 0)
      Connecting to ADMIN$
      Deleting service file
      Disconnecting ADMIN$


  [04/17/14 05:18:28 PM] End of remote communications.
  [04/17/14 05:18:28 PM] End provisioning run.
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  • does the 5.5.25198 msi file exist in the client dir on the kbox?
  • Yes it's in place. It seems to be a DNS issue of some sort. Once I went back in and changed my host name to match my IP everything worked fine. I created an A record in both of my DNS servers however it seems to keep happening.
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  • Abhay, it's DNS. I was able to ping originally but something has gone belly up. Can no longer ping by name. I tested by changing the host name to match the IP. When I do this it works fine. I have entered an A record into DNS but still am not getting anywhere. I am going to send a request to corporate level IT to see if they can add a static DNS entry for me.
    • One one test system, try adding the hostname to the hosts file so you can test it to confirm DNS issue.
  • I'm having the exact same issue. Can you guys access the shares on your Kbox via windows explorer from the problematic systems? I can ping the appliance by name and DNS resolves correctly, but I cannot access the share in Windows Explorer. My networking team is currently investigating the issue as well. I'll post the solution if we find one.
  • Network is wide open for all required ports/protocols on all system VLANs. Seems like a problem with the way provisioning is designed to work on the KBOX. Pushing via script, PDQ, etc. all work perfectly... just not from the K1000.
  • My dns can resolve it correctly -- does not seem to be the problem. So did anyone fix this issue. GPO doesn't work either.
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I figured it out.  It was in fact DNS.  I had our coporate admins create a static DNS entry within the domain and that has corrected the issue.

Answered 05/08/2014 by: nick.hobbs
Senior White Belt

  • Our DNS entry has existed for years, client system resolves by name without a problem. DNS doesn't seem to be the issue on our end.
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Please check if the host name  sgai-ks01.corp.zodiac.lan is resolvable from the client machine

Answered 04/21/2014 by: AbhayR
Sixth Degree Black Belt

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