Brand new to this, I have the agent deploying via group policy, but can't figure out how to tell which ones didn't.t get the agent. Is there a report, if not has someone written a query.  I know there are 649 workstations and serves on the domain, but only 426 have the agent.  I need to quickly. Identify which ones didn't get the agent and why.

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  • KBOX only knows about machines that have an agent. You can create a report that you can then compare to your LDAP to see what is missing but the KBOX has a IP SCAN tab. You might want to scan the network and see who isn't listening on port 52230. Those that aren't probably don't have the KBOX agent installed.
  • So I have run an IP scan and I get over 1076 reachable devices, some are switches,routers printers etc. How would I scan for just port 52230 - put it in connection test port?
  • Any chance someone has already written that report.
    • As nshah mentioned, the K1000 really wouldn't be very helpful. You can use GPO reporting similar to this:
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