Hello. In order for our team to operate more efficiently I've been looking into possibly leveraging the KBOX Software Library portion of the end-user portal. I'd like to work towards just making the software available for end-users to download rather than either 'pushing it' via the K1000 or tying to our imaging process.

I was hoping that the Software Library would have a function similar to Managed Installations where I could apply a post-install / progress message letting them know that the software was installing and when it was complete. I don't see any such functionality there however.

If the software package happens to be an MSI it seems simple enough to add a /qb switch so they can see what happens. However for any of our .exe silent installers there doesn't seem to be any communication with the user or notifications when it's complete. If that's the case it seems like the Software Library would be fairly limited in its usefulness since I can't expect the users to understand what's happens.

Also...I've looked at the documentation pertaining to the software library and it seems pretty sparse. I assume that when someone clicks 'install now' for a piece of software that it would simply download and install. Upon testing though I'm not clear if that's what's happening or if it will only install when the agent checks in next. I've seen some mixed behavior.

In any case I'm looking for some guidance about best practices for the software library and hoping I'm missing something about how I can leverage it, as it doesn't seem too useful right now.


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