Hi Team,

We have setup a scripted installation to push Windows 7 x64 using a boot action. Our question is are you able to define in anyway a list of MAC's and what names you wish each of those machines to have set?

e.g. MAC #1 -> Desktop 1
MAC #2 -> Desktop 2

We would prefer limited amount of input as possible so we can just fire the machines up and have them boot automatically into K1000 to build using the scripted installation. 


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Sounds like you are talking k2000 pxe work to do setup.  With new machines we set pxe boot as the 1st boot and then boot them once so they register into the k2000 system inventory.  Then we assign those entries a work to do, reboot and they take off imaging.  One of my post tasks sets the boot order back to hard drive first.

With existing machines they are in the k2000 so

1. We assign the job in the k2000

2. Do a wol and push a k1000 script to change to the boot order to pxe first and reboot.

3. They pxe boot and do the work to do, then as a post change the boot order back to HDD 1st.

Answered 05/16/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • when you get your machines in the k2000 create room labels to make assigning jobs easier.
  • That could work, thank you for your assistance.
  • put the CCTK's into your images and boot env's it is very useful for automation to be able to change the Bios hands off.
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I've got posts around where we created a post install task on a K2000 to gather asset information from the K1000. It uses the bios serial number to grab the information via a mysql query during setup to get machine name, you'd be able to change the wmi query in it to gather MAC instead though if you wanted. Basically this completely hands-offs your naming so long as your asset database is in tact.
Have a squizz at these two posts if you're interested:

Answered 05/20/2013 by: Roonerspism
Second Degree Brown Belt

  • Excellent, once I have some time I will look over this. Cheers.
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Do you mean K2000? The K1000 doesn't handle imaging or scripted OS installs.

Answered 05/16/2013 by: chucksteel
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Hi Team,

Sorry, yes I meant K2000. The deployment side is fine we can do a mass installation but what we need is to have 5 machines building and as we may only have their MAC address we want to pre-assign these machines computer names. Is this possible?

Answered 05/16/2013 by: cdalley
Seventh Degree Black Belt

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