Incident 1)
I created a "Distribution" and applied it to two smart labels, but also set the "Limit Deployment To Listed Machines" to 8 specific machines for testing.  However, the distribution is not respecting the "Limit" and is applying to the labels regardless -- unacceptable! 


Incident 2)
I created a smart label via wizard to include only Java SE (JRE) 32-bit versions less than 7.0.510 ; However, machines that have 7.0.510 are included in the filter even after agent check-ins. --  Again unacceptable.

We have K1000 v5.5.90546 and Agents v5.5.30275, 5.4.5315, and 5.4.10622 active.

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  • Why not remove the labels during testing then re-add them?
  • That's fine, but not intuitive. It applied to our production environment and cost multiple personnel valuable time. Kace should work as designed considering the costs.
  • Is there documentation stating that selecting individual machines supercedes any specified labels?
  • I'll make a request of Dell:
    Replace "Limit Deployment To Labels" with "Deploy to Labels"
    Replace "Limit Deployment To Listed Machines" with "Deploy To Listed Machines"
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Regarding Incident 2:

Sometimes targeting labels with software versions gets tricky depending on how the display version is returned. See below for example Java 7 update 7 and 9 could be returned as higher versions than update 51...

You may have to think of another way to get the result you want. I cannot offer a solution right now as my brain is fried from the week. And I need to eat some lunch.

Answered 01/17/2014 by: jegolf
Red Belt

  • ...in regards to Java the new versions of 7 are good at removing old versions of 7 so you may just be able to target it outright to your machines. That is what I do...about 6 months ago I ran some reports and to help target uninstalls for versions below 7 for ex. . Now that's done I don't have to worry so much about old versions of Java. If a machine is targeted in your Managed Install of JREu51 and it already has it it will just report as already installed and move on.
  • I had indeed used != (not equal) in the past, it seems i will have to stay with that.

    I will be VERY happy when our internal application no longer requires Java6.
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Regarding Incident1:

The "Limit deployment to labels" and "limit deployment to listed machines" is always a combination so to say. It is not designed as use this label or use this list of machines. It's simply 2 options for targeting machines...if a machine is in the label or listed it will be targeted.


Answered 01/17/2014 by: jegolf
Red Belt

  • Thank you for clarification.
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