Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the CREATED and the TIME_OPENED fields on Kace K1000
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The TIME_OPENED, TIME_CLOSED, and TIME_STALLED columns are related to ticket status states. A status can have a state of either stalled, opened or closed. The default New status has a state of Stalled, so when a ticket is initially created it will be in a stalled state and the TIME_STALLED column will be set to that time (which should match the CREATED timestamp). Once the ticket's status is set to an Opened state the TIME_OPENED column will be set.

So, the difference between the CREATED and TIME_OPENED columns will show you how long it took from the time a ticket was created until it was changed to a status with the Opened state.

These columns are updated whenever the status changes between states, however, so the difference between CREATED and TIME_OPENED is not necessarily how long it took for the first status change to occur. For instance, if a ticket is stalled at 8:00am, then opened at 8:30am, then stalled at 8:35am, then opened at 9:00am, the TIME_OPENED column will reflect the 9:00am change and the TIME_STALLED column will reflect the 8:35am change.

Does that answer your question?

Answered 01/26/2017 by: chucksteel
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  • Thanks Chuck
    • Chuck, i'm trying to create a report that gives me tickets w/ an opened status of > 30 days and the system is not cooperating. what am i doing wrong? - Mo
      • Not sure. I suggest you create a new question and include your current query.
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