This isn’t really a question, but more of I found a problem that support was unable to assist with due to liability reasons, and I came up with a solution.

After upgrading our K1000 to version 8.0 and the agent bundle to 8.0.152 we were having frequent agent problems, especially when trying to deploy tasks that required reboots (schedule patch deployments). I later discovered the event viewer was filled with MsiInstaller events that indicated that the agent was constantly getting reinstalled, and upon further investing found it to be caused by the GPO created by the latest GPO Provisioning Tool. This meant if I installed patches that required a reboot the machine would reboot and then the verifying/log upload process would get interrupted by the agent re-installation and the K1000 would register a "log upload failed" message.
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After unlinking the GPO all the tasks I was having issues with began to complete without error, and support unfortunately isn’t really able to help with GPO troubleshooting for liability reasons. I still wanted agents to get deployed automatically via Group Policy, so I followed the steps below to create my own GPO and it seems to be working properly.

  • Delete the policy created by the GPO Provisioning Tool
  • Download your Windows Agent zip from the Settings > Provisioning > Update Agent Settings section of your K1000.
  • Extract the MSI from the zip file and put it in a temporary folder
  • Download the MSI Settings VBS file (setlang.vbs) from  and save it to the same folder as your MSI.
  • Open an administrative command prompt and change the directory to the folder with your files in it.
  • Run the command “setlang.vbs ampagent-8.0.152-x86_<k1000hostname>.msi 1033” Obviously your agent msi name will be different and if you want a language other than english (1033) you can change the language code.
  • Now create a new Group Policy Objects and add the newly modified MSI file to the Computer Configuration > Policies > Software installation and for the deployment method, you can simply select Assigned.
  • Now link it to the Computer object OUs that you want the agent deployed to and test it.
Answered 02/01/2018 by: eethball
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I'm actively working on a ticket with the exact same symptoms.   Patch detect/deploy jobs were having a high number of systems fail with "error (log upload failed)" after the reboot. I then found the msiinstaller log entries showing that the agents have been reinstalling themselves at every group policy refresh interval, and running gpupdate triggers an immediate re-installation.

We're using a GPO created by the deployment tool that only includes the Kace deployment settings, and creating a new GPO from scratch using the tool hasn't helped. 

Quest support has been slow to respond...I'm hoping that they've received enough complaints about the GPO deployment tool to get it fixed ASAP. 

I'm about to try your suggestion in the meantime. 
Answered 02/01/2018 by: bwcarty
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