Our K100 has stopped creating ticket.  We received the email on our helpdesk inbox but tickets are not created.  We have rebooted KACE twice but that didn't help.

Thanks for your help.

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  • Have you checked your exchange rules for inbound to the KBOX? All inbound email functions are controlled through your exchange box, not within the KBOX.
  • Yes, everything is good in exchange. Have rebooted kbox but no luck.
  • Any chance someone changed the queue configuration and the email address isn't correct on the queue?
  • There was no changes made and all of the queues are pointing only to one email address - the helpdesk address.
  • I went to Troubleshooting Tools and tried email sending and it returned this error:

    "LOG: MAIN
    Message abandoned: Spool write error (No space left on device) while receiving message from www
    failed to write to main log: length=133 result=-1 errno=28 (No space left on device)"

    Logs -> Disk Status shows that we still have 193.51GB available on disk.

    Any idea?
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