I am having 2 problems at the moment with the installation of java that I would appreciate some input on.

Currently trying to deploy the latest version of java 1.5.0_04. I have extracted the MSI and the MST and can deploy them sucessfully.

However I need to make 2 changes.

1 - Give Everyone write access to HKLM\Javasoft etc so that they are able to deselect in IE the Java if they need to goto another version. Yes I have needs for 1.3.1-1.4.1-1.4.2 and the MSJVM

2 - I would like to write into deployment.properites and update the deployment.user.cachedir=C\:\\Documents and Settings\\%USERNAME%\\Local Settings\\Temp. Of course I know I cannot write %USERNAME% but I would like to write the current users name there. The reason for this being is that the default is to goto the current users profile under application data. We have quite a few users with roaming profiles and this keeps blowing out there limit. Thus if I can set it to the temp directory this would solve this problem of megs of data being stored in their roaming profile.

I am just stumped on how to do this. I tried in Installshield to add permissions to the reg entry but that didnt seem to work. At this point I am just totally confused. I am thinking of repackaging java up completly in order to solve issue 1 but that doesnt help me with issue 2. I would prefer to stick with the vendor msi and just pass some updates and values via an mst.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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OK, here's my 2 pence / euros / cents worth...

1. If you need to open up permissions use something like setacl.exe as a custom action or the lock permissions table. More info on both methods here amongst other places. Forget cacls as it only for files (not registry keys)

2. For the cache problem, you could either use a custom action to modify the relevant entry in the deployment.properties file at the end of the install or (do what I did) just set the cache to C:\Windows \Temp (deployment.user.cachedir=C\:\\Windows\\Temp\\Sun\\Java\\Deployment\\cache) then you don't need to worry about roaming profiles etc at all.. It's only a cache folder so I can't see an issue with using this folder.

I did repackage the app completely but if you are happy with the vendor install and it works for you then go with it...

Answered 07/14/2005 by: MSIPackager
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Hi MSIPackager,

I am an neby with packaging and software deployment. I tried to deploy JRE 1.5.0 Update 6. Almost eveything works fine. But, I am not able to change the deployment.properties file.
How did you changed file? I tried to copy over the old file, but unfortunately neither I know the %username% variable nor the right place to put this file... So, have did you handle this problem?

Thanks in advance and best Regards,
Answered 02/02/2006 by: cvk
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Hi Kruno,

I presume you are using the vendor install and that you have not repackaged it into an MSI but either way the deployment.properties file should end up here: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment (you can open the file in notepad to have a look at it).

You can either deceide to use a common cache folder for all installations (say C:\Windows\Temp as described above) and include a deployment.properties file containing these settings as part of your install, or have custom action (VB or Wise Script) at the end of the install routine to update the appropriate line using the %username% windows environment variable..

Hope this helps,
Answered 02/02/2006 by: MSIPackager
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Hi Rob,

Sorry for the delay. Have some trouble with our Altiris NS Server.
To answer your question: I took the Vendor MSI and tried to install it with a newly created Transform file.
Do you have such this VB or Wise Script?
I am a newby in case of software deployment. I im also looking for a good "proof of concept" or a good explaining "how-to".
Thank you in advance and best Regards,
Answered 02/06/2006 by: cvk
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Hi there,

Using the vendor msi and my own mst - works well when I deploy in the GPO as a computer based application - Does not work if I deploy as a user based application. When I do a user based deploy the msi does not extract the zip files.

Any ideas ?

Answered 02/12/2006 by: neilu
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