I have a piece of software in our organization that I need to be able to remove with a script, have the machine reboot and then install the new version after the restart. I currently have both installs scripted into a batch file, but for some reason I cannot get SCCM to perform the reboot and continue the install. It seems to fail and never kick off again the install after a reboot. Does anyone have any ideas of a way to perform an install, reboot, then install another piece of software after sccm reboots the machine?

Any ideas would help!

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  • Is there a compelling reason to force a reboot between uninstall and new install? Generally, this need arises when there are "in use" files in the old application which need a reboot to complete the removal of. However, in many cases a script which stops any running services associated with the old application, and/or stops any tasks associated with the old application, will then allow the old app to be uninstalled without needing a reboot, thus allowing the new app to be installed and consequently return a good exit code to SCCM.
  • It is java we are fighting. Its requiring a reboot, but for some reason SCCM will not reboot the computer, even though the NORESTART flags are there.
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Have your uninstall batch poke the HKLM runonce key and put the install command in a key so when it reboots and logs in, it runs that command automatically.
Answered 05/13/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • That sounds like a plan! I never would have thought to do that! I appreciate your quick response!

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Remember that Runonce will only work for local Admin accounts starting with Win7: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2021405
Answered 05/13/2015 by: vjaneczko
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schtask ??
Answered 05/15/2015 by: rock_star
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