I'm working on mathcad prime 2.0

we'll get 3 ARP entries one for MathCad, Quality Agent and MathCad PDSi viewable support.

I extracted 3 msi's and first 2 installs fine (mathcad and Quality agent)

While installing the 3rd MSi i got the below error.

Please help me how to resolve this...

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  • Have a look for launch conditions or a CA blocking the install, there will be something checking for other products before it installs.

    Though in saying that if they were installed already it should work, lol - anyway pays to check (:
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I had that problem too.  I had to use the setup.exe bootstrapper to automate it.  Here's what I remember from what I did...

1) Install on a test machine using the setup.exe that PTC provides and grab the "mathcad.p.xml" file.  Location:  "C:\Program Files\PTC\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 2.0\bin\pim\xml\mathcad.p.xml"

2) Modify the xml file.  I added license server info... changed the [SOURCE] property... changed /qn to /qb for msiexec args

3) Use a command similar to the following to do automated installs on other machines:

setup.exe -xml c:\yourpath\mathcad.p.xml

or if you want to be fancy in a batch file:

"%~dp0setup.exe" -xml "%~dp0mathcad.p.xml"

I don't think I did anything else like editing the MSI... but if this doesn't work for you, I can dig a bit and see if I did anything else.

Answered 07/16/2013 by: joeostrander
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  • Hi there, in which line did you add the license server? I added in <MSIARGUMENT>LICENSEPATHFORM="ServerAndPort" LICENSEPATH="7788@localhost"</MSIARGUMENT>
    changed localhost to our licenserver but it didnt add that information when I installed the program.
    • I think you did it correctly. I did mine in the <MSI> section. My scenario may be different because we are using a triad server configuration.

      <MSI PRODUCTCODE="{XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX}" UPGRADECODE="{XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX}" from="ptcsh0/PrimeWixInstaller_64bit.msi" id="ptcsh0/PrimeWixInstaller_64bit.msi" ignoreforupdate="Y" install="Y" installed="Y" name="prime_msi" platform="x86e_win64" size="612966400" version="2.0.1">
      <INSTALL>msiexec.exe /qn /norestart /I "[MSI]" INSTALLDIR="[LP]"</INSTALL>
      <UNINSTALL>msiexec.exe /x "[PRODUCTCODE]"</UNINSTALL>
      <MSIFEATURE size="315896">Help</MSIFEATURE>
      <MSIFEATURE size="522798">Engine</MSIFEATURE>
      <MSIFEATURE size="358506">Application</MSIFEATURE>
      <MSIARGUMENT>LICENSEPATHFORM="SourceList" LICENSEPATH="7788@srv01.somewhere.com;7788@srv02.somewhere.com;7788@srv03.somewhere.com"</MSIARGUMENT>
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