Hello guys, I have decided to use scripts instead of managed installations for software deployment since it seems much more comfortable to have the "Run Now" button and the "Run Now Status" view, however there are some pieces of software like Adobe CS6 which require really heavy dependencies. The question is, is there a way to load those heavy dependencies on scripts?
For managed installations I used to load them to client drop share on the server and after that selecting it from the dropdown but I believe that can't be done with scripts.
is there a workaround or something I might be missing?

Thanks in advance.

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You can modify your script to install off of an existing server share:

net use x: \\server\share /user:domain\user password
start /wait X:\install.exe

Something like that.  Your script could be as simple as bundling those commands into a batch file.  If you get fancy with errorlevel commands you could even have some nice logging.

Answered 11/17/2015 by: nheyne
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  • Hi thanks for the answer, I have almost 23 replication points so I was hopping there was a way to use them. If not I would have to copy the file to all of the RPs and create a script for each one of them.
    Maybe I should stick to managed installations in this case.
    I tried to split the file in 4 and load them as 4 different dependencies but apparently Kace does not recognize parted zip files.
    • This would be a great suggestion to post over at UserVoice. The ability to upload > 2GB Script Dependencies the same way we can upload > 2GB Software Packages would be nice.
      • I will right away :D thanks for the suggestion, I'm pretty new to Kace and its support.
    • If you want to replicate the data to all your RPs, then this would not be your solution. However I would think it would be more practical to have them pull data from a single source to cut down on the work involved in replicating.
      • Main issue with that in my case is that those 23 RPs are located in 23 different geographical locations, most in South America running on WAN links. So if the need would arise to make a full blown deploy of an app, the links would be killed by the bandwith load.
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