How can I determine the application installer type and command line options in unattended installation?
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At the file properties, look at Copyright.
This field can contain InstallShield if it is done/generated by InstallShield.

You can also google the exe file to get more info.
But if you looking for some kind of software footprint, there are companies that make money on this information because it is a job of gather and collect...
There is no general way in getting info, that is way extensions are used to already create some generalization.
But from that point a EXE can contain much more then only executable code.
Just like a picture can contain more then only bitmap information.

ITninja is alive because we/admins wanted to share this info of how to handle different setup's.
So search, find out, and let us know what you find. Share the knowledge :-)
Answered 09/11/2014 by: dedenker
Third Degree Black Belt

  • okay. thanks a lot for your help and time
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Depends if it is MSI or EXE.
If created by InstallShield the /v option is for giving MSI arguments.
A bit more information about your situation is useful.
Answered 09/11/2014 by: dedenker
Third Degree Black Belt

  • if file is setup.exe then how can i know that which installer technology has created that setup.exe file. ??
    • I know with InstallShield it is in the detail/properties of the file.
      Also when starting the setup this will show.
      What you can also try is when you start the setup monitor %TEMP% folder to see what is created there, perhaps it contains useful information.
      • i just downloaded the skype setup.exe file and right click on it to see the details,,so the type here mentioned is "application"....maybe i am unable to understand your answer.
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Install it and look at the entries under Add/Remove programs. If it's an MSI that is called to uninstall, you can open it in Orca and find out that way. It's not generally that difficult.
Answered 09/11/2014 by: EdT
Red Belt

  • But what if it is some home brew software with own made up installer...I see it most of the time with those little accounting/billing/banking companies...They do not keep to any ISO or general program line.
  • is there anyway to get information about installer type without installing that file? i just wanna know about .exe files.
    • 1. Purchase crystal ball
      2. Polish with a lint-free cloth
      3. Stare into it until you see the installer type
      4. While waiting for your vision, install the app on a VM.
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