I have been scouring flexera forums and help files for a basic tutorial, and I am just not catching on.

I have a MSI that I only want to install if this folder exists:   C:\Program Files (x86)\CWC\CWC Desktop

I understand to use system search to find the folder and store the value and build the condition statement for the install under "install condition"

Under system search wizard:

      Searching for "folder name" in "full path"

      Store the value in property "CWCDESKTOP"

      then selecting "store the value in the property and use the property in an install condition"

I am confused on how to build my conditional statment;

   What I dont understand is:

  1. What value will installshield store in my property? Boolean? Folderpath? etc?         
  2. How can I view what value is found and assigned by system search so I can build the proper conditional logic?
  3. which operators work with the value that is found from a folder search?
  4. there is a "message" field - what is this behavior related to the conditional statement?

My experience in conditionals is programming based, if that helps, this is what I need to do in installshield:

(IF CWCDESKTOP != C:\Program Files (x86)\CWC\CWC Desktop

                     then InstallMsi)


If anyone has a good link or tutorial somewhere out there that would be awesome.

Thanks ahead of time for the help




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Remember that the results of the condition needs to be True for the installation to continue.  So the LaunchCondition Table is simpy: CWCDESKTOP, and a description ofthe message displayed if the folder is not present.

Thsi is based on the System Search = "Folder Path,by searching a specific folder", a full path to [ProgramFilesFolder] with the folder name of "CWC\CWC Desktop'.

Answered 12/19/2013 by: cygnusx1
Orange Belt

  • Ok, I didnt know it was set to True for install to continue, thanks for that info.
    So what value is CWCDESKTOP holding? (0, or 1 integer?, True or False string?)

    If CWCDESKTOP DOSNT equal true then use message box and stop installation.

    could you show me an example of the condition syntax please?
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There is no syntax.  CWCDESKTOP will be populated with the path

populated=does not exist; populated= exists

Checkout the Installshield help library as it explains all of this

Answered 12/19/2013 by: cygnusx1
Orange Belt

  • what would be the condition statement I would use? CWCDESKTOP != ?
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