I am trying to create a smart label that will allow me to uninstall software, but at the same time exempt PCs from being affected.

I checked some the posts and they weren't much help.  There used to be a post on how to do this, but it was pre itninja.

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Create a label or smart label to identify the exempted PCs. Then, create a smart label that applies to all PCs which have the software installed, but do not have the exempted PC label.

Answered 01/17/2013 by: tshupp
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  • Done that, but it didn't work.
    • That's how I have patching setup for 500 units, and it works well. I have a manual label to exempt some desktops from Java updates, for example. My patch schedules are targeted at PCs which match a subnet but do not have that label name. That exempts them, and I have them added to a secondary schedule which does not include Java updates.
  • I also use this approach and it works well. In Inventory > Computers > Create Smart Label, are you using Label Names != "your label name" as one of the criteria? For a detailed explanation and more examples of excluding labels within other labels, maybe this article would help:


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You can create a custom software inventory item that looks for something that is unique on the machines with this software ie file name or registry entry, then apply a label to that software item and your uninstall.  make sure whatever you choose goes away during the uninstall and after the affected machine is done it will not repeat since it will not meet the custom inventory rule any longer.

Answered 01/17/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • This makes very little sense. From what I gather I have to modify the exempted PCs so the label won't recognize the PCs with the software I want to uninstall. How do I tell the smart label to not recognize the PCs that I modified?
    • No you create your custom software so it only sees the bad machines with the software you want to uninstall. Use something unique to a machine with the software you want to remove.
      Then you create a label that looks for this custom software item
      Then deploy to that label.

      And I also stated when you look for this unique identifier on the target machine, choose one that also gets removed during the uninstall.

      For example Lets say I have 7-11-zip on my computer and I want it gone
      If it is Installed the file 7-11z.exe exists in C:\Program Files\711-Zip. When I run the uninstall.exe that file get removed.
      So I create under the software inventory tab in kace I create a new software item called 711zip with a custom rule FileExists(C:\Program Files\711-Zip\7-11z.exe)
      • when they do there next inventory or you force a checkin these machines will show this custom inventory item.
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  • I still can't see anything that's going to help me. There used to be a post where all I had to do was modifiy the smart label to disregard either another label, software, and/or a PC name.
  • Please see my earlier comment above.

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Use these steps

1. Identify something unique about the system that you wan tot uninstall to take place on, if there isn't something unique that can be targeted you must create it but in most cases it can be an ip range or group membership etc. 

target this attribute with a smart label where attribute = mycriteria

then finally create your uninstall smart label that states where software = target software and label name = smart label created above in step 2

Answered 01/20/2013 by: jdornan
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