Dear All,

May I know how to use K1000 to change computer name in my office? if I need to change all client computer to this format "Company-Type of Computer-Serial Name" Ex. DA-NB-R7Y03421



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WSNAME and the Scripting module would be your best method. 

WSNAME documentation is at

I've done this on my own systems:

Online Script, Run as local system, WSNAME.exe as a dependancy, and my script is a simple launch program:

 Launch c:\windows\system32\cmd with params /c $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\wsname /N:$OSVER-$SERIALNUM-$CHASSIS /REBOOT

That gives me system names like W7-FJBMMM4-D doe a Windows 7 Desktop with a serial number of FJBMMM4. WSNAME has many command line options and would be ideal for what you want to do.

Answered 09/17/2013 by: cblake
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  • Hi cblake,

    Thanks for your advise. Since yesterday I try to use "NETDOM" with run on my AD and use "psexec.exe" to run on target machine it seem work fine but it look like manual so today I will try with your comment and will let's you know the result thanks.
  • Hello cblake,

    After I test from your recommend for use "WSNAME.EXE" to change computer name in our domain. I got error code like this please see below

    "Call to Rename Computer in Domain returned error : 1355"

    Please advise. and this is command line that I use for test in my laptop

    wsname.exe /N:DA-$Chassis-$Serialnum /RCID /user:<Admin Domain> /password:<Password>
  • Error 1355 is an issue contacting the comain according to Google. That could be a number of things, so it's not something I can help with. But check simple things first- If using a domain account, make sure you call out the domain in the commandline:
    eg: wsname /n:mynewname /rcid /user:mydomain\administrator /pass:secret

    Another option would be to use a local administrator account.

    Logging is always a good idea when you are having issues. WSName creates an extensive log of its operations in the %TEMP% directory (WSName.log). Check this out to see what WSName is doing.
  • Hi cblake,

    Thanks for your advise. however now I can use that command to change computer name already here is command that I used:
    wsname.exe /N:DA-$CHASSIS[PC;NB]-$SERIALNUM /RCID /user:"admin domain" /pass:"password"

    but now I have new issue with apply this command to K1000 Script the problem that I got now is I try to use script to copy file "wsname.exe" to client machine and then use my command to change computer name but I have is error:

    Error creating process: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe copy "C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\\kbots_cache\packages\kbots\107\wsname.exe" "C:\Tools": (-1073741510)

    Here is script I used for change computer name:
    1. Launch “SYS\cmd.exe†with params “/C if not exist â€C:\Tools“ mkdir â€C:\Tools“â€
    2. Launch “SYS\cmd.exe†with params “copy â€$(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\wsname.exe“ â€C:\Tools“â€
    3. Launch “SYS\cmd.exe†with params ““C:\Tools\wsname.exe /N:DA-$CHASSIS[PC;NB]-$SERIALNUM /RCID /user:â€<admin domain>“ /pass:â€<password>â€â€.

    Please advise thanks.
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