We don't want to send out a satisfaction survey from a certain queue.  My search results point to a "satisfaction survey" e-mail rule, but I can only see a "on ticket closed" e-mail rule in the system.  I would still like a notification to the user that the ticket has been closed, but I don't want it to include the satisfaction survey.

Any thoughts?

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There's two areas you have to edit for this.

1. Make the Survey hidden in the queue
Service Desk > Configuration > Queue > "Queue Name" > Customize Fields and Layout
Under the Fixed Ticket Fields edit the SAT_SURVEY and change the permissions to Hidden

2. Service Desk > Configuration > Queue > "Queue Name" > Customize Emails
For the Ticket Closed edit the email Subject and Message to exclude the satisfaction survey.
Answered 06/25/2015 by: h2opolo25
Red Belt

  • Thanks for replying. The survey was already hidden, and I don't see anything (beside descriptive text) that points to the survey being shown - there is just a link to the ticket which I would like to keep
    • That's all you can do. I had a ticket open with Dell support and they said there's a new bug in the system that makes it show the sat survey regardless. Defect ID if you'd like to follow up is K1SD-3465. As usual no ETA was given.
      • Thanks for your help - I'll add my 2 cents to the defect ID (and I have edited the closed message to remove the link at least :-) )
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