I am fairly new to scripting so this might be easy for most but I am trying to pull the first two numbers from the computer name and replace the XX in this file address with them. The sytems the script I am writing to be deployed to will have different file shares holding the software.

computer name will look like this ow44p44pos

COPY \\srvXX\dsXX\pos\pinpad\usb_installvfi_3_1.msi c:\pcms\install TIMEOUT 5

the end result should be the 44 from the computer name replacing the XX in \\srvXX\dsXX\pos\pinpad\usb_installvfi_3_1.msi



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I created a VBScript in 2012 which should help you achieve what you need.

This is a small part of it.

You will probably need to use the function called mid instead of right.



'Created by Paul Theelen at 09-08-2012
'Declare variables
Dim strName1
Dim strComputer

'Get computername
Set wshShell = WScript.CreateObject( "WScript.Shell" )
strComputer = wshShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings( "%COMPUTERNAME%" )

'Check if computername is 12 characters long in case a typo was made in the computername.
If Len(strComputer) <> 12 Then
End If

'Get last 4 characters (numbers)
strName1 = Right(strComputer,4)


If you rather use Powershell then use:

$a = $a.substring(2,3)


Output CDE


Answered 10/02/2014 by: paul.theelen
Orange Senior Belt

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