We have some computers that do not have the KACE agent installed. In the past, the people using the system always installed in manually.

How can I find these systems that dont have it installed, and push the agent to them individually from the server?

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  • Hello,

    Trying to add remote sites to kace and I get the following error. They are not on our domain..


    Any thoughts?
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If all of the machines are in the same subnet you can specify a provisioning schedule to scan the IP addresses and install the agent on machines that need it. Go to Settings, K1000 Agent, Advanced Provisioning.


Answered 11/21/2013 by: chucksteel
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  • Thanks for your answer. I'm very new to this so even the obvious solutions are a huge help!

    Follow up question - Do the computers being scanned need to be on my domain to have the agent installed?

    Also, instead of doing this automatically on a schedule, can I use the "Single Machine Provisioning"? I'm trying to do this for testing purposes.
    • The computers don't need to be a domain member but you do need an account with admin privileges to perform the install. If you don't have a domain account on all of the machines or a standard admin account throughout your network then setting up a provisioning schedule will be difficult, since you can only store one username/password for KACE to attempt the install.

      Yes, you can do single machine provisioning for one machine at a time. I use that frequently when I find computers without the agent.
      • OK I gave the single machine provision a try on my test machine. It said it worked, but I don't see it installed. in the provision log, it seems to have skipped step 2.
      • Can you take a screen shot of the provisioning log and paste it here?
      • I got it to work! It was the lack of an admin password, it seems like. But after doing that, I was able to push to the individual computer. now to test with a range of IPs. Thank you for your help.
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