Hi all,

This is what I would like to achieve.  I have an application that I need to deploy and I have managed to do this.  This application does not have an install sequence as such, but is just a folder with a bunch of files and one is the .exe in question.

I want to be able to create a shortcut to the exe and place it on the users desktop.  As this will be a staged deployment it may need a "if file exsists" type command I would think.  If am wrong about this, then so be it ..

I hope that this is enough information

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This is another suggestion which I use and that is create the shortcut to the exe file on your computer to the correct location you have set it. Bundle it up with the program and when it is deployed copy it to the C:\Users\Public\Desktop.

Answered 05/31/2014 by: rick07
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This should work if I have understood you correctly. 

Create a .bat file and use the following code:

cscript.exe "path_to_makeshortcut.vbs"


Then create a file called "makeshortcut.vbs" and paste the following in:

Set oWS = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
userProfile = oWS.ExpandEnvironmentStrings( "%userprofile%" )
sLinkFile = userProfile + "\Desktop\YourFileName.lnk"
Set oLink = oWS.CreateShortcut(sLinkFile)
    oLink.TargetPath = "path_to_file_location"

The section in the vbs that should be edited are the "path_to_original_file_location" and "path_your_working_from". 


Put that into KACE as a script and you should be good to go from there!


Does that help?

Answered 05/29/2014 by: LBarclay
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It is possible to create programmatically a shortcut using vbscript using the CreateShortcut method of the Wscript.shell object.

You can have a look to this article that contains some examples:


Kind regards,

Marco - StockTrader 

Answered 05/29/2014 by: StockTrader
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