·   Below are the procedures i am doing and something is failing somewhere becuase it is not working.

o   Using Admin credentials log into http://dc-kacek1000.ad.npr.org/admin

o   From the Home screen, click on Labels Tab.

o   Click on Label Management.

o   Click on Choose Action and select Add New Label from the drop down menu.


o   Fill in the Name and Notes for the label and check Computer Inventory box under Restrict Label Usage To. Then Click Save.

·         Add Target Computers to new Label.

o   Click on Inventory Menu.

o   Search or Locate computer you want to add to the new Label.

o   Click the check box next to computer name of the computer you are selecting.


o   Click the Choose Action drop down menu and select Add Label.

o   Enter the name of the new Label created.  Click Save.

·         Push the Wake On Lan script to Enable Wake on Lan.

o   Click on Scripting menu.

o   Click on Wake On Lan script.

o   In the Deployment section, find Limit Deployment to Selected Labels: and click on Edit.

o   Using the drop down, locate New Label. Select and click OK.

o   Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Click Run Now.

o   When Prompted ‘Are you sure you want to run this script now’ click OK.


·         To send Wake On Lan command:

o   Click on Distribution menu.

o   Click on Wake On Lan tab.

o   Use the Limit To Selected Labels: drop down and select your label. (You can also select a single computer name or use the manual entry select as well)

o   Click on Send Wake-on-LAN at the bottom of the screen and all selected computer will power on.  


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  • WOL does not always work on boxes that a hard powered off. Also WOL does not cross routers unless you are forwarding Broadcast packets
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  • The best way to debug it is to install on a computer on the same sub-net of the one you want to wake Wireshark and start to capture the network traffic.
    You need to check that when you send the WoL command you see in Wireshark the WoL packet (called magic-packet).
    The packet is an UDP packet
    The source Ip will be the K1000 and the destination IP the broadcast address of the network.
    The destination port is the port 7/udp

    If you do not see it you may need to configure the router to allow broadcast traffic to be routed.
    You do not need to route all the broadcast traffic but you can set a very specific rule: route the broadcast traffic UDP, destination port 7, source ip: the K1000
    Marco - StockTrader
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