We are a Windows shop. Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit.
    We currently use Symantec Management Console [formerly Altiris] to run two batch scripts at every login. Each script makes changes to the system (one running elevated) and the current user's profile (one running as current user) after their very first login. Changes are various, but include registry edits and application launches (for context menu setups). We have these scripts create a registry key to prevent re-runs.

Going forward:
    We recently started using a KACE 1000 in our environment, and we really want to ditch SMC entirely and start using KACE for all our managed scripts. We have successfully re-created the elevated script (since "login" scripts in KACE 1000 automatically run as the local System account). However, we can't figure out how to make a "run as current user" login script in KACE.
    If it makes any difference, we need this to work for either someone sitting at the local console or using a RDC connection for their first login.

    We have read existing forum posts, and web searched the heck out of this topic. The only "resolved" suggestions seem to end with "use Task Scheduler" or "use a RunOnce registry key", which we'd like to avoid for a variety of reasons, if possible. In short, we want to avoid making it a purely local configuration. We want to manage it all using KACE scripting.

    We would also like to avoid using online scripting since those only trigger on timing, and we don't want to have to run a script every few minutes just to catch a first time login.

    Has anyone had any luck building a working KACE 1000 login script that runs as the *real* current user?
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  • Have you worked this out? I am also having troubles getting a script to run at login and do so as the current user
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add the code to the default users run once key and that will only run for a new user without a existing profile.  The k1000 can do this via a script or even an Managed Install.
Answered 05/06/2016 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • you can use the k1000 to modify the default profile.
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