since this is a virtual application please help me to create a vbs which change the shortcut target dir as per the site.

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  • What solution are you using to target systems/users? SCCM, K1000, Group Policy...?
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As you don't mention which virtualisation technology you're using, it's difficult to give a specific answer to your issue.

You want to change the location where the shortcut points to, based on the site? Is the shortcut pointing to an external file, outside of the virtual application - or do you mean you wish to change parameters/switches on the command line being run inside your virtualised application?


Depending on how many sites, it may be easier (and nicer)  to produce a package for each site, and manage the deployment correctly.

If you need to do a script, then it may be that the best way would be to have the shortcut running the script, the script then detects which site (based on logon server, for example) and calls the correct command line for the site.

If you provide further details of what technology you're using and an example of what you want to change to achieve your outcome someone may be able to help you further.






Answered 05/24/2013 by: dunnpy
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  • Thanks dunnpy for replying.
    I am using app-sequencer 4.6 sp1 for sequencing the application.
    the application needs to point the target to a specific site which is on the server location.
    Is it feasible to conditionalize my msi based on the site/country.
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I'm still not understanding what you are trying to achieve.

Is it that you have a application, that is virtualised, and you need to be able to run it with parameters/switches directing it to a particular server?


Shortcut Target Example:

Target "C:\Programs Files\MyApp\MyApp.exe" SERVERNAME

And SERVERNAME needs to be different based on where they are launching the application from.

Then your shortcut could point to your script, and the script identifies the location based on either logon server, OU, or IP address range (lots of vbscript examples out there for this kind of thing), and runs the 'MyApp.exe' with the correct SERVERNAME for the location.

So the script would say,

if this logon server/ip address/OU then launch 'MyApp.exe' SERVERNAME(for this location)

To cover all possibilities of location and SERVERNAMES.

I'm not sure that OSD scripting would help you here, if it was a SERVERNAME stored in an .ini file, then a pre-launch script to find the location and ammend the file as necessary would work - but I think the shortcut to a script approach would be best - unless someone else has any suggestions.

Not sure what you mean by conditionalising the MSI, as the MSI produced by App-V is just custom actions that run SFTMIME to add the sequence to the client. The MSI can't affect what the shortcut points to - that's part of your App-V sequence.

If you are using the App-V Mananged Infrastructure or SCCM to deploy then the MSI file isn't used anyway.

Hope that helps,



Answered 05/24/2013 by: dunnpy
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Hi there,

You could have DNS with subzones in place.

eg: main domain is example.com, site A is sitea.example.com, site B is siteb.example.com.

Have the local DHCP server on each site supplying the site dns name.

In your application use the servername as host only: AppServer.

On Site A, that would connect to AppServer.SiteA.example.com and AppServer.SiteB.example.com on Site B.

This does require to have your DNS managed quite properly.


Answered 05/28/2013 by: mduiker
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